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Keman Rectangular Fender

Keman Rectangular Fenders (KRCF) are suitable for berthing of smaller ships and barges. KRCF has slightly better energy absorption than the KDF.

KRCF can have standard top-bottom (vertical) anchor bolts or the side-to-side (horizontal) bolts. Our Rectangular Fenders have the options of circular hollow, or O-shaped hollow.

Energy Absorption

Up to 3.85 Ton-m

Reaction Force

As low as 12.87 Ton


Up to 4 meter


Up to 500 mm

Keman Rectangular Box Fender by PT Kemenangan

Detailed Specifications

Height from 150 mm to 500 mm.

Maximum length is 4 meter.

Hollow diameter from 75 to 250 mm.


  • Ferry terminal
  • Passenger ship terminal
  • Roro ramps
  • Small jetties

Crtifications & Standards:

Highlighted Features

Simple Design

Cost Effective

Highly Durable


High Quality Rubber Fender

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