Keman W Fender

Keman Rubber (KWF) Fender

W Rubber Fender Keman Rubber PT Kemenangan

Keman W Fender

Keman W Fenders provides a really good elastic protection to the bow and stern of operational tugs, pusher barges, and work boats. Beside for protecting tug boats, W-Fender is also suitable for protecting quay corners, bridge buttresses and other heavy duty applications.

Keman W Fenders are supported by the feet and primarily designed as large thrust fenders for the bow and stern of tugs. M style fenders are mounted side by side following closely the ships’ contours, providing an elastic surface which uniformly distributes the contact force over the contact area.

Keman W Fenders are available from width of 320 mm to 480 mm and height of 200 mm to 300 mm.

Keman Boat Fenders are highly abrasive resistant, light weight, and easy to install.


Protecting tug boats &
quay corners


Natural Rubber


Up to 300 mm


Up to 480 mm

Keman W Fender for Ship Fender by PT Kemenangan

Detailed Specifications

Width: 320 mm to 480 mm

Height: 200 mm to 300 mm




  • Bow and stern of operational tugs, pusher barges, and work boats

  • Protecting quay corners

  • Bridge buttresses protection


Crtifications & Standards:

Highlighted Features

Simple Design

Cost Effective

Highly Durable


High Quality Rubber Fender

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