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Keman Rubstrips & Boat Landing Bumpers

Keman Rubstrips (KRS), also known as Keman Boat Landing Bumpers have the same shape as the Keman Arch Fenders. Keman rubstrips have smaller cross section area but much more longer than the Keman Type A Fenders. Keman rub strips are commonly installed at oil platform jackets.

Our rubstrips are available in standard and custom size according to your requirement.


Up to 249 mm


356 mm


Up to 6,000 mm

Energy Absorption (EA)

2.13 Ton-m

Keman Rubstrips by PT Kemenangan
Rub strips Keman Rubber

Detailed Specifications


  • Height: up to 249 mm
  • Width: 356 mm
  • Length: up to 6,000 mm
  • Energy Absorption (EA): 2.13 Ton-m
  • For protecting oil platform jackets
  • Boat landing bumpers


Crtifications & Standards:

Highlighted Features

Easy Installations

Cost Effective

Highly Durable


High Quality Rubstrips

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