Keman Cylindrical Fender

Keman Rubber KCF Fender

Cylindrical Fender - Keman Rubber - Marine Dock Fender

Keman Cylindrical Fender

Keman Cylindrical Fender is a suitable and economical solution for berthing of smaller ships and barges.

Its simple geometry allows easy installation, without the needs of anchor bolts. It is usually installed with a length of chain through its hollow.

It has slightly better performance than the D fender.


Natural Rubber


Smaller ship terminals

Outer Diameter

Up to 2,400 mm


Maximum of 4,000 mm

Keman Cylindrical Fender by PT Kemenangan

Detailed Specifications

Maximum length: 4,000

Maximum outer diameter: 2,400 meter

Maximum EA (Energy Absorption): 65.95 Ton-meter

Minimum RF (Reaction Force): 4.38 Ton



  • General shipping terminals
  • Ro-ro ferry terminals
  • Tug boats
  • Barges
  • Bulk terminals

Crtifications & Standards:

Highlighted Features

Easy Installations

Cost Effective

Highly Durable


High Quality Rubber Fender

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