Rubber Fender

A good elastomeric fender unit has to have a high energy absorption capability and low reaction force. We at Keman Rubber, always prioritize product quality that has high energy absorption, while maintaining a competitive price. We never sacrifice product quality for lower price. All our raw materials, such as natural rubber and chemicals go through very tight inspection to make sure that we only use materials that have standard quality. Our engineering and R&D teams are constantly working to formulate rubber compound that has physical properties best suited for marine fenders. All our rubber compound?s physical properties are tested in our own testing lab and the finished fenders? performance are tested by compression (deflection) test.  
KAF (Keman A Fender) & KVF (Keman V Fender)
KCF (Keman Cylindrical Fender)
Keman Cell Fender
KDF (Keman D Fender) & KRCF (Keman Rectangular Fender)