Rubber Fender

Keman Rubber offers high quality marine fenders.

Marine Dock Fenders

A good elastomeric fender unit has to have a high energy absorption capability and low reaction force. We at Keman Rubber, always prioritize product quality that has high energy absorption, while maintaining a competitive price. We never sacrifice product quality for lower price. All our raw materials, such as natural rubber and chemicals go through very tight inspection to make sure that we only use materials that have standard quality. Our engineering and R&D teams are constantly working to formulate rubber compound that has physical properties best suited for marine fenders. All of our rubber compound’s physical properties are tested in our own testing lab and the finished fenders? performance are tested by compression (deflection) test.

A Fender

Keman A Fender is one of the most simple design of marine rubber fender. 


W Fender

Keman W Fenders is suitable for operational tug boats, pusher barges, and work boats.


V Fender

Keman V Fender is the most popular type of rubber fender for protecting docks and jetties.


D Fender

Keman Rubber D Fender is a multi-function fender. Keman D Fenders is suitable for dock fenders, side fenders for ships, and warehouse bumpers.


Cell Fender

Keman Cell Fender is one of the best fender that has high EARF.


Tug Boat Fender

Keman Tugboat Fenders are Bow & Stern Fenders, which is W Fenders or M Fenders as well as Cylidrical Fenders and Side Fenders, which is D Fenders.


Rub Strips

Keman Rubstrips is suitable for protecting offshore structures and the jacket legs from boats landing on the platform docks. 


Cone Fender

Keman Cone Fender produces the best EARF (Energy Absorption Reaction Force) possible generated from a marine dock fender. 


Element Fender

Keman Element Fenders are similar to V Fenders but separated at the top and use steel frontal frames that are covered by Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Pads.


Cylindrical Fender

Keman Cylindrical Fenders provide fast and easy solution for protecting boats and jetties.


Rectangular Fender

Keman Rectangular Fender is another multi-function fender. Keman Rectangular Fenders is suitable for dock fender or for warehouse bumper.


I Fender

Keman I Fenders are industrial rubber fenders that fully molded.


M Fender

Keman M Fenders are extended type of arch rubber fenders, which gives good reaction force.