Our Products

Keman Rubber offers high quality rubber products.

Industrial Rubber Products

Some of Keman Rubber products are marine fender, industrial hose, bearing pad, expansion joint, roll, and many more.

Rubber Fender

Keman Rubber offers various solid dock rubber fender from Cell Fender to V Fender. Our Rubber Fenders are high quality but price competitive.


Rubber Hose

  • Floating Hose
  • Suction & Discharge Hose
  • Oil Hose

Bearing Pad

Keman Rubber Bearing Pads are available for elevated highways, tollways, and bridges.


Rubber Roller

Keman Rubber Roll is also known as Rollindo


Other Industrial Rubber Products

  • Rubber parts for oil and gas application
  • Anti vibration mounting
  • Rubber expansion joint for pipes
  • Rubber expansion joint for bridges and buildings
  • Rubber screen
  • Other custom rubber product