Port & Harbour

Keman Rubber has been trusted by port owners.

Jetties & Wharfs Protection

Keman Rubber’s products are widely used in both ports and harbours around the world. A port is an area at the water where small boats to big ships as well as barges moor to transfer either passengers or goods. A port can be at the edge of a river, lake or ocean.

Keman Marine Fender can also be installed at wharf and quay. A wharf or a quay is a structure on the shore of a harbour where ships dock to load or unload either cargo or passengers, which may include one or more berths (mooring locations). We also manufacture quay wall numbering system.

Keman Rubber has strong experience in building new jetties and repairing old jetties. Jetty is a structure build at the shore and at which vessels berth or moor either. A jetty may consists of approach bridge, jetty head, dolphins and fendering system.

Dolphins are marine structures for mooring vessels. They are commonly used in combination with piers and wharves to shorten or reduced the length of these structures. Dolphins are designed for the horizontal loads of impact from a ship when it is docking and during the time the ships are moored.