Keman Rubber serves various industries.

Industries Served

Keman Rubber manufactures, installs, and repairs various industrial rubber products to a vast array of industries. We serve Port and Harbor, Shipyard, Oil and Gas, Port Authority, Marine Construction, Mining, Printing Industry, Building Construction, Sugar Plantation, Palm Oil Plantation, and many other.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if your industry is not yet listed. We will gladly accommodate all of your needs.

Ports & Harbors

Keman Rubber is used to protect jetties around the world. Our fixed fendering system is manufactured from high quality natural rubber and highly skilled engineers, as well as high tech machineries.



Keman Rubber has ship fenders for tug boats as well as dock rubber fenders for shipyards in Jakarta or Surabaya or anywhere in Indonesia.


Oil & Gas

Keman Rubber offers Cone Rubber Fenders, Cell Fenders, V Fenders, as well as rubstrips to protect offshore oil jackets or oil platforms.


Port Authorities

Keman Rubber offers long lasting marine rubber fender for PELINDO I, PELINDO II, PELINDO III, and PELINDO IV. Our dock rubber fenders can withstand 100,000 DWT ship loads.


Marine Constructions

Keman Rubber marine dock fenders are used in jetties constructions, dolphin construction, either new build or renovation.



Keman Rubber is used in various mining industry, in Coal Mining, Gold Mining, Tin Mining, Copper Mining for their ship docks and jetties as well as rubber hose for transporting water, slurry, sludge, sands, oils, or other items.



Keman Rubber Roller or more famously called Rollindo are one of the best industrial rubber roller for heavy machineries as well as for print industries.


Highway Constructions

Keman Rubber offers high quality lead rubber bearing pads or elastomeric bearing pads for elevated highway or bridges constructions. 


Building Constructions

Keman Rubber can supply seismic rubber bearing pads or expansion joints or any other rubber products for your construction projects.